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Kevin Hart may SUE Speedkore which built the 720 HP Plymouth Barracuda

This whole Kevin Hart car crash episode is getting out of hand as the comedian/actor is now planning to sue Speedkore – the company which built him the 720 Barracuda.

Speedkore Performance Group makes some of the coolest and most badass restomods out there. They are quite popular in the Hollywood celebrity circles too with a handful of popular names owning their cars. Chris Evans was gifted with a 1967 Camaro built by these guys and that gift came from Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man himself is the proud owner of 1970 Boss 302 Mustang built by Speedkore. Recently Vin Diesel was presented with a 1970 Dodge Charger restomod built by… you guessed it right – Speedkore.

However, Speedkore got some negative publicity recently because of the 1970 Plymouth Barracuda that they had prepared and sold to comedian/actor Kevin Hart. The 720 hp restomod muscle car was involved in a horrific crash during the Labor Day weekend with Hart sustaining serious injuries including three spinal fractures.

Now TMZ is reporting that Speedkore may face a lawsuit for selling the souped-up Barracuda without enough safety equipment to protect occupants in the event of an accident. This could turn dirty, given that a popular celebrity is involved. We have many instances of how things can spiral out of control and lead to convoluted legal battles and messy conversations on social media, when a Hollywood name is in the mix.

The crash has already sparked off discussions on revising California laws pertaining to classic cars, restoration, and restomodification. While many may applaud the need to have safety equipment in restomodified classic cars which pack way more power and speed than they were originally designed for, we doubt how many classic car lovers will like the idea of integrating these features.

We’d also like to take the opportunity to say that though we love Kevin Hart, it’d be seriously uncool of him and his reckless friend who crashed the Barracuda if they sue Speedkore. It’s evident that these guys were driving the 720 hp in an irresponsible manner which in turn led to the crash. And if Kevin Hart really needed the safety equipment, he should have thought about it while making the purchase.

Sorry, Kevin. You, as the owner of the car who handed over the keys to Jared Black, who certainly doesn’t know how to drive a 720 hp car and allowed another passenger to sit in the back which by the way doesn’t have a rear passenger seat, are to blame here.

Source: TMZ

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