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Jon Olsson’s Lamborghini Huracan For Sale. Custom Roof Box Included

You can now own Jon Olsson’s custom Lamborghini famously camo-wrapped and fitted with a roof box. The highly modified supercar has been put up for sale for a very reasonable price of $269,000 approx.

The pro skier has extensively modified his Lambo not just aesthetically but also under the hood. What we have here is a custom built Huracan with 800 hp. Now, a brand new Huracan costs about $250,000 in the US. With almost $100,000 worth of modifications, Jon Olsson’s one-of-a-kind Huracan seems like a bargain.


According to Olsson, it has just over 2300 miles on the clocks as it was primarily to drive to Alpine ski resorts from his home base in Monaco. While, the roof box is the most obvious modification, it also comes fitted with an Akrapovic exhaust, custom carbon fiber bits while the standard carbon ceramic brakes have been swapped for more practical steel units. The Huracan has also been lowered using K&W springs.

The supercharged V10 engine pumps out 800 hp, enough to destroy a stock Lambo. Moreover, if you are planning to purchase a Lamborghini and add a twin-turbo package, you might want have a look at Jon Olsson’s Huracan.

Jon Olsson’s Lamborghini Huracan image gallery:

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