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John Cena’s Ford GT Sold to Sixth Owner for $1.3 Million

The blue Ford GT that was originally delivered to wrestler John Cena seems to be going through an endless rounds of flipping. After Cena sold it last year, for which he got sued by Ford, the car has now reached its sixth owner. At a Mecum Auction in Dallas, the car fetched $1.3 million.

The number might seem too high for the supercar which was originally priced at $400,000, but it turns out the seller has actually lost more than $200,000. He had apparently bought it at Russo and Steele’s Monterey Car Week auction in August for $1.54 million. Interestingly, he had only put a single mile on the GT before putting it up for sale. His intent was probably to make some quick buck but failed badly.

Here’s a look at this particular Ford GT’s flipping history:

John Cena was one of the 500 customers who got an allocation for the new Ford GT. The car was delivered to him late last year and he sold it to a dealer within a month. The wrestler was sued by Ford for the breach of contract and eventually lost the case.

The dealer then sold the car to another dealer after which the car ended up in the hands of a wealthy Californian farmer. The farmer reportedly found it “impractical” and put it up on the Monterey auction block, where the car’s fifth owner acquired it.

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