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Jay Kay's green Ferrari LaFerrari


Jay Kay from Jamiroquai has bought a Ferrari LaFerrari

Avid enthusiast, car collector and musician Jay Kay from Jamiroquai has ordered a Ferrari LaFerrari. If you’ve been following the new hybrid supercar from Maranello on the internet, then you might have stumbled upon a rare green one. This Kermit green LaFerrari would probably be a one-off as you won’t this color in the Ferrari catalog. A few exclusive images of the interior also reveals ‘Jamiroquai’ mentioned on the base of the steering wheel. The leather on the seats gets contrast green stitching to compliment the exterior. That said, under the Kermit green exterior, the car still boasts of 940 horsepower form a combination of the V-12 engine and electric motors.

Now, Jay Kay is known for his extensive car collection. He was featured on Top Gear more than once and also holds the record for setting the fastest lap in the “reasonably priced car”. He has had a Lamborghini Miura and even a Ferrari Enzo which is painted in “devil black”. His new LaFerrari will be displayed to the public at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Attached below are some of his appearances on Top Gear including a review of his Lamborghini Miura and his stint in the TG’s “reasonably priced” Chevrolet Lecetti.

Source: Thesupercarkids

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