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Doug de Muro with his Ferrari 360


Jalopnik writer takes his Ferrari drag racing

Doug de Muro with his Ferrari 360

Doug de Muro with his Ferrari 360

Meet the car enthusiast who is living his dream. Jalopnik writer Doug de Muro recently bought a Ferrari 360 Modena. Since the very first day, Doug has been sharing his experiences with the Ferrari on his Youtube- click on the following link to watch all of Doug’s escapades in the Ferrari 360.

Doug de Muro on Youtube

Ferrari ownership can be pretty expensive and Doug knows this better than anyone else. Earlier, he had touched upon some of the drawbacks of owning a used Italian supercar. He also took us along on a drive all the way from Florida to Atlanta. It was his first time driving the Ferrari 360 Modena which he had just taken delivery of from the previous owner.

Now, for the first time Doug has taken his prized possession to a drag strip, which could be bad news for the clutch and although his best run of 13.75 @ 103 mph may not be the fastest, the Ferrari did cause a stir among the fans. Check out the complete video below. Thanks for sharing the video Doug.

You can also follow Doug on Twitter- @DougdeMuro

Ferrari 360 Modena goes drag racing:

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