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TAMO Futuro sports car concept-2017 Geneva Motor Show

Tata Motors

India’s Tata Motors Announces new TAMO Futuro Sports Car

Indian car maker Tata Motors has launched TAMO- a new performance sub-brand. In a press conference held in Mumbai, the company announced its plans to foray into the sports car segment.

TAMO Futuro will be the first performance car build under the new sub-brand. The concept will be unveiled at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. The affordable sports car will be developed in India and should be ready by next year, when it will be unveiled in production form at the 2018 Delhi Auto Expo.

TAMO Futuro

The TAMO Futuro sports car will be designed by Marcello Gandini who will also be responsible for developing its chassis. The two-seater will be the first mid-engine sports car in Tata Motors’ line up. A turbocharged petrol engine is expected to power the lightweight machine.

The aim is to build a sports car weighing around 800 kg in order to achieve a respectable power-to-weight ratio. Lightweight materials like aluminum and plastics will be used in its construction. There are no plans to use carbon fiber due to cost constraints.

Speaking of costs, the TAMO Futuro is expected be priced at around INR 25,00,000 or $37,000 approx. The car will be built in India and would perhaps be exported to various other markets.

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