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ston Martin Vulcan in USA

Aston Martin

In-Depth Tour of the Aston Martin Vulcan: Video

ston Martin Vulcan in USA

The Aston Martin Vulcan is a track-only supercar built for extremely wealthy individuals. The highly exclusive Vulcan costs $2.3 million if you wish to have one. Only 20 units of this outrageous Aston Martin will ever exist and not many of us will ever get a chance to see one up close, let alone get a personal tour of the car and its systems. Here’s a video by Saabkyle04 who was lucky enough to spend some time with the very first Aston Martin Vulcan in the US.

The car is currently parked at Aston Martin Cleveland. This particular example is finished in a really unique shade of metallic red with bare carbon fiber bodywork elements. The interior of the car is a full carbon affair with leather wrapped in strategic places. The cockpit of the Vulcan is like any other racing car except that this one seems more user friendly and less fiddly.

ston Martin Vulcan in USA

That said, you do get all the FIA-grade electronics and safety equipment. The steering wheel is where most of the controls are located. You just don’t want to damage this $20,000 one-piece carbon fiber wheel. Hence, Aston Martin provides a second, much cheaper racing wheel as well. I’m sure it doesn’t come free with the car.

If you haven’t yet heard the sound of the 7.0-liter V12 engine scroll down right now and watch the video. By the way, the engine makes 811 hp and is coupled to a 6-speed sequential gearbox which drive the rear wheels. Top speed of the Aston Martin Vulcan is somewhere in the 220 mph range depending on the downforce settings.

In-Depth Tour of the Aston Martin Vulcan: Video

Source: Saabkyle04 via Youtube

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