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Lamborghini Revueto exhaust flames


Hybrid Lamborghini Revuelto can still spit flames from the exhaust

The electrification era will spare no one, and now, Italian carmaker Lamborghini has introduced the Revuelto with a hybrid engine. Now, the carmaker has released an ad for the car which shows the supercar in all its glory. The highlight of the short video is the fact that the car spits flames from the back.

What does the Revuelto video show us?

Lamborghini starts off the video by highlighting the electric nature of the car. The Italian carmaker claims this to be the first plug-in hybrid V12 engine. Further, Lamborghini claims the Revuelto’s power to be very high and it suggested using storm clouds.

The next part of the video showcases the engine being assembled at a secret facility. Here, the engine is finally placed into the Revuelto. Once the engine is added, the car now wakes up and escapes from the secret facility.

The car leaves with the engine screaming from all its 12 cylinders. As the Revuelto gets into the city, we notice the car spitting flames and sliding around corners before coming to meet a bull. This pays homage to the brand’s iconic history.

Lamborghini Revuelto : Powertrain Details

Lamborghini has equipped the Revuelto with a 6.5-liter LP545 engine. This is an evolution of the motor in the Aventador. In the Revuelto, this motor is good for 814 HP and 535 lb-ft. of torque. This makes the engine the most powerful Lamborghini V12 ever.
In combination with the electric motors, the Revuelto has a total power output of 1,001 HP. The 0-62 mph time is 2.5 seconds.

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