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Ferrari F40 trailer unloading


How to Ship a Supercar

You’ve finally found the collector car you’ve spent years searching for. There’s only one problem — it’s somewhere far away and bringing it to you is going to take some effort. Never worry, though, cars have been making trips overseas nearly as long as they’ve been traveling roads.

There must be a good way to ship a supercar, right?

The answer is yes, but there are some very wrong ways to go about it, too. Just like moving the prized possessions in your home, taking the proper steps beforehand is the best way to make sure your new set of wheels makes the journey safely, and so you don’t end up like this:

Choose the Right Shipper

Not all shipping companies are the same, but most of them want your business. This is important because attractive though it may be, saving money on shipping could mean you never see your car in the pristine condition you paid for.

Specialty shippers will have a great deal more experience working with cars. That means your vehicle will get the proper white-glove treatment as it makes its long journey to you. In addition, it means you can expect a robust insurance policy to protect your car while it’s in transit, so even if something does go wrong, you can work out repairs to the car with the shipper.

Glickenhaus unloading

How to Load Your Car

The day of departure has arrived! Yes, it’s exciting, but all the work still lies ahead. If you’re taking notes, the finest cars in the world, like those built by the legendary team at Bugatti, undergo some particularly fastidious loading procedures.

After making an initial inspection of the vehicle to note any existing issues, it’s time to attend to your ramp. For loading a car, a ramp must be sprung properly, so it won’t buckle beneath the car and allow the front or rear overhangs to rub.

If the vehicle you’re loading is particularly heavy, a shipper may need to outfit their ramp with higher rate torsion springs. Torsion springs come in many different types, and checking the springs on the ramp is a good idea regardless of the car’s size. The last thing you want is the ramp to drop with the car on it.

You’ll want to perform an inspection of the trailer before the car is fully loaded. Make sure there are no loose objects that could fall or swing and damage the car. If you’re paying to have your car shipped by itself, there’s less to worry about, but, if you’re sharing a trailer, you should inspect anything already loaded up to make sure it’s secure.


How to Unload Your Car

The last and most exciting step of shipping a car is receiving it, but this can be a high-stress operation. Make sure the car exits the shipping container slowly to avoid any rubbing, and, once it’s offloaded, carry out a complete inspection, comparing your results to those of the initial inspection.

Congratulations! Your new ride has successfully made the journey. Have a great time driving it anywhere but up a ramp into a trailer. At least, that is, until you decide to part ways with it for a hefty sum.

And just for fun, here’s a little more of what NOT to do. Enjoy!

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