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How to lap the Nurburgring in the wet


How to Lap the Nurburgring in the wet?

How to lap the Nurburgring in the wet

If you’ve heard of the Nurburgring, then you probably know a racing driver named Sabine Schmitz. She is one of the few people who know the Nordschleife like the back of their hand. But, there are more equally talented drivers around who can guide you around the Green Hell at great pace. One of them is Dale Lomas of BridgetoGantry.comAnd in this video he posted on his Youtube channel, Dale explains how to lap the Nurburgring in the wet.

Dale has been a regular at the Nordschleife and he recently took his newly acquired SEAT Leon Cupra ST 280 to the track. Now, SEAT may not sound intimidating enough, but it is actually a rebadged Golf GTI. With 280 hp driving the front wheels, it is perhaps the best tool to tackle the ‘Ring in the rain. In the video, Dale explains how taking wider lines around some of the corners is quicker and safer in a front-wheel drive car. A point which is proven when a BMW M3 tries and fails to catch him.

How to lap the Nurburgring in the wet?:

Source: BridgetoGantry via Youtube

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