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Here’s proof that a Bugatti Chiron Sport will do 263 MPH!

Bugatti claims that the Chiron Sport has a top speed of 261 mph. However, no one has ever put these claims to test, until recently.

Back in 2008, Top Gear’s James May was invited to Ehra-Lessien to do something that very few in this world would ever get to experience. Captain Slow took the Bugatti Veyron close to its top speed. Well, 11 years later, Top Gear is back at this historic location. This time, Bugatti has brought along a Chiron Sport for its first official VMax run.

But, taking the Chiron Sport to its top speed takes more than just stomping on the throttle pedal. First, you have to warm the tires, so that they are at the right pressure. Then, you need to twist the special key that unlocks the top speed mode. After that, it is just a matter of keeping the car pointed in the right direction with your right foot planted to the floor. And before the end of the straight, the car hits 423 km/h. That’s 263 mph!

I’m sure, the image of the speedo needle climbing past 260 mph would be permanently etched in Charlie Turner’s memory.

What’s more fascinating is that you don’t have to be a race car driver, a fighter pilot or an astronaut to drive this marvel of engineering to its top speed. What a machine!

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