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Aston Martin DB11- 2016 Geneva Motor Show-5

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Here’s how Aston Martin DB11 Aeroblade Really Works

Great design has always been at the core of every Aston Martin. When the DB11 was being developed, the engineers wanted the car to have more downforce but adding a massive rear wing was never an option. The DB11 Aeroblade was thus born out of the necessity.

The DB11 Aeroblade is a unique solution to a problem very few sports car makers face. The easiest way to add downforce was to attach a honking great spoiler at the back. However, that would’ve wreaked havoc with the design. So, the engineers came with a novel idea.

The DB11 Aeroblade uses a small vent on the boot lid. Air is sucked in from the vents in the B-pillar and forced out of the aeroblade. This creates a virtual wing and helps generate downforce. Furthermore, a small flap in the wing can be deployed to further reduce downwash.

The Aston Martin DB11 Aeroblade is a rather cunning engineering solution. It is only due to will of Aston Martin’s engineers and designers that we have such great looking cars amongst us.

The following video explains how the DB11 Aeroblade actually works.

Here’s how Aston Martin DB11 Aeroblade Really Works

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