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Hennessey Venom F5 clocks 271.6 MPH during initial tests

Hennessey Performance had hinted at conducting the Venom F5 top speed run in February. It was the right occasion as its predecessor, the Venom GT, had achieved a similar feat during the same month eight years ago.

Well, the Venom F5 did do a test run last month and achieved a top speed of 271.6 mph. Hennessey has video footage to prove, which was released on their official Youtube channel a few hours ago. However, John Hennessey has clarified that they didn’t go down to the Johnny Bohmer proving grounds to set a new record. Instead, the plan was to do the final calibration of the suspension, brakes and aerodynamics. Still, it won’t be long before we see the Venom F5 crack 300 mph.

As you can see in the video, the Venom F5 goes past 250 mph without breaking a sweat. Even at 270 mph, the engine sounds like it has more to offer. But, whether it will achieve 311 mph as predicted by simulations remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, Hennessey has already started accepting orders for the Venom F5 Roadster.


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