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Hennessey HPE1000 Camaro Z28


Hennessey Camaro HPE1000 Z/28 Dyno Run

Hennessey HPE1000 Camaro Z28

Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 in stock form comes with meaty 500 hp V8 and is no slouch by any standards. But when a muscle car like the Camaro enters Hennessey Performance Engineering it can’t leave without John Hennessey working his magic on it. So, when this stock Z/28 arrived at the shop, they thought they would give some more poke. The result was an insanely powerful muscle car dubbed Camaro HPE1000 Z/28.

Hennessey have replaced the stock pistons and crankshaft. A new intercooler is in place and a completely upgraded valvetrain. High flow fuel injectors further improve the way the engine uses fuel. And since all that was not enough, Hennessey dropped in a 2.9-liter supercharger. Here’s a video of the Camaro HPE1000 Z/28 on the dyno. It registers a simply mental 930 hp at the crank. However, the chaps aren’t yet satisfied and plan to extract more power from the engine in the near future. At present it does 807 hp at the wheels, we can hope to see a 1000 hp soon.

Hennessey Camaro HPE1000 Z/28 Dyno Run:

Source: HPEdesign via Youtube

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