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Ferrari 458 Speciale at Fusion Auto Concepts Abu Dhabi


Guess Where is the World’s Most Luxurious Car Wash

It is kind of a spa for supercars. It’s where exotics come to get pampered. So, where do you think is the world’s most luxurious car wash?

Fusion Auto Concepts in Abu Dhabi caters to high profile clients on a daily basis. According to the founder Arash Sayadirad, it’s “the world’s most luxurious car wash”, and there’s a good reason for that.

While the car is being attended to, clients can relax in the five-star lounge area. They even serve Starbucks coffee here! Meanwhile, the cars get thoroughly washed and prepped for detailing.

It’s common practice to apply paint protection film on cars these days. Fusion Auto Concepts specialize in Ceramic Pro coating. It is an innovative nano-ceramic protection system developed to protect paint surface in all weather conditions.

There’s even a turn table with studio quality lighting so that customers can take pictures of their cars.

Fusion Auto Concepts’ clients include LaFerraris, Bugatti Veyrons, Koenigseggs, McLaren P1s and other mostly uber-expensive rides. 1320video recently got a tour of the facility. Do checkout their video below.

World’s most luxurious car wash:

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