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Guess Which is the Most Searched Supercar on Google

Veygo finds out which is the most searched supercar on Google and the result might surprise you.

Which is the world’s most popular supercar? One way to find out the answer is to look at which one amasses the most search engine hits. That’s the methodology utilized when searching for the same answer. It looked at supercar models released in the past 10 years and ran all the names through a keyword explorer tool. Out of the 169 countries the website researched, the Audi R8 stood as the most popular car in 95 countries.

A total of 939,870 searches were dedicated to the Audi, whereas the Bugatti Chiron, which stood in second place got 701,140. In third place, the Lamborghini Aventador was searched 562,770 times. The mighty Bugatti Veyron received 443,410 searches and the Lamborghini Huracan 384,270, rounding up the top 5 list. Beyond that the results were as follows: Lamborghini Veneno (371,570), McLaren 675LT (368,810), Ford GT (313,380) and the Ferrari 458 (256,590).

There are a few things very surprising here. It’s hard to believe that the Chiron was entered more times on the search bar than its 15 year old predecessor. Also hard to take in is that the Porsche 911 received no mention. You might say that the 911 is not exactly a supercar but the likes of the Nissan 370Z and Toyota GT86 were on the list. But, then again, data speaks louder than intuition and there’s no point doubting the results of the study.

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Are you surprised by the results like us? Is there any car you think should’ve been on the list? Tell us in the comments.

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