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Gordon Murray’s T50 Hypercar Revealed – Aero details out!

The first digital rendering of Gordon Murray’s T50 hypercar reveal’s its 400 mm fan and crazy aero.

The rear three-quarter view gives us a good look at the novel aerodynamic device at the back. Yes, the GMA T50 is fan car! That circular thing that looks like a jet engine exhaust houses a 400 mm fan that sucks the car to the ground. The exhausts are placed on either side of the fan. The car has a large rear diffuser and circular tail lights. The rear clam shell looks identical to the McLaren F1 with its split rear glass. Speaking of glass, the car also has split side windows.

The GMA T50 has six different aero modes. By default, the car is always in Auto Mode, where the car’s electronics select the ideal aero settings for you. In Braking Mode, the two spoiler flaps are deployed, acting as air brakes, similar to those on the Pagani Huayra.

GMA-T50S-Track Speed-Supercar

Besides these, the driver can cycle through four different modes depending on the driving conditions. The High Downforce Mode is designed for the racetrack, where you need optimum downforce and grip.

In Streamline Mode, drag is said to be reduced by 10% by closing the underbody ducts and the fan turning at its highest speed. It’s designed for cruising and offers better straight-line performance and fuel economy.

In Vmax Mode, the GMA T50 hypercar is set up for top speed. In this setting, the 48-volt starter-generator provides an additional 30 hp.

Then, there’s the Test Mode, or as we like to call it- “pull up at a car meet and show off” mode. Basically, the car’s electronics take over and test all the aero systems.

To read more about the mighty engine and other details of the GMA T50 Hypercar, click here.

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