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GMA T50S Track Speed race car-teaser


Gordon Murray confirms GMA T.50S Track Car

The Supercar Blog first broke the story of the GMA T.50S track car back in May 2020 and now Gordon Murray just confirmed it!

As reported by us earlier, the track version will be lighter and more powerful than the road car that was unveiled last month. The image shared by the company suggests that the T.50S will get a revised aerodynamics package consisting of a shark fin and fixed spoiler at the rear. The car has a low riding front splitter and louvres on the fenders. It also gets an underbody airfoil and adjustable diffuser. These modifications along with the rear-mounted 400 mm fan help generate 3306 lbs of downforce.

Coming to the engine, the 3.9-liter, Cosworth V12 will rev to 12,000 rpm and churn out 720 hp. The engineers had to replace over 50 components to extract all the performance. Further, the ram-air intake is said to boost peak output to 730 hp. Instead of a manual transmission, the track car gets a quicker selector gear-change system by Xtrac.

GMA T50-5

The GMA T.50S misses out on a few creature comforts in the name of weight saving. The car does not get air-conditioning or an infotainment system. The two passenger seats have also been removed along with storage compartments and carpets.

The latest announcement also confirms that Gordon Murray Automotive will be building 25 copies of the T.50S track car. It costs $4.1 million and half of the production run is already sold out. The price includes the ‘Trackspeed’ individualization package with set-up, training, racing and support.

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