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Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG003S


[Updated] Glickenhaus SCG003S, SCG003C Revealed

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG003S

[Update] James Glickenhaus is known for his collection of unique Ferrari supercars. This time at the Geneva Motor Show, Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus will unveil a brand new supercar. It is called the SCG003S and you have been reading about it here on ‘The Supercar Blog’. The idea behind this particular car is that, it can be configured for track use with just a few modifications. The model featured in the official images here is the ‘Stradale’, i.e. road car configuration. Nevertheless, the SCG003S, despite its odd name looks brilliant, especially in “Liquid Metal Silver”.

SCG003C race car

SCG003C, where ‘C’ stands for ‘Competizione’ has also been revealed. This is the race car that Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus will race in the world endurance championships. The race car with a close-cockpit is based on the same chassis as its road going counterpart. The team has developed this car over the last few years including aerodynamics, chassis and suspension. The engine however comes from Honda’s HPD motorsports division. It is believed to be a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6.

Scuderia Glickenhaus SCG003C Image gallery:

Scuderia Glickenhaus SCG003S Image gallery:

[Dec 20, 2014]

Glickenhaus SCG003

Glickenhaus SCG003

[Updated] James Glickenhaus and his Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus has been working overtime to get their brand new car ready for the 2015 Geneva motor show. It is called the SCG003 and it would be the direct successor the awesome Ferrari P4/5 Competizione.

Unlike the P4/5, the new car will be road legal but can be transformed into a serious track machine when required. This was Glickenhaus’ vision from the onset- a supercar that could be driven on track and on public roads. The solution was found in a modular architecture, on which the SCG003 is based. Two of these will be raced at the 24 Hours of Nurburging later next year.

Ferrari Glickenhaus SCG003 test

Ferrari Glickenhaus SCG003 test

After a few teaser videos, James Glickenhaus has finally released a few more images and specs of the SCG003. The car has been testing at Vairano in Italy of which a video has been released. Also, the engine clearly sounds turbocharged and that’s because, the V6 powerplant is in fact, boosted by two turbines and should be making power upwards of 700 hp.

Ferrari Glickenhaus SCG003

Ferrari Glickenhaus SCG003

Glickenhaus SCG003 track test video:

Source: Endurance-info, Road & Track via Youtube

[July 4, 2014]

Glickenhaus SGC 003

Glickenhaus SCG 003

James Glickenhaus is an avid car collector and a true follower of the prancing horse from Maranello. His extensive car collection includes some of the finest classic Ferrari race cars. The millionaire car fanatic also owns the very rare Ferrari P4/5 Pininfarina and P4/5 Competizione, both of which are based on production Ferrari supercars but with a totally different exterior and character. Glickenhaus has also raced his Ferraris at the grueling test of man and machine that is the Nurburgring 24 Hours race in Germany.

Glickenhaus’ love for the auto racing and technology along with a much needed bank balance has allowed him to fulfill his dreams of owning a custom Ferrari endurance machine. Now, he plans to invest his experience in to a new project dubbed the SCG 003 set to debut at next year’s Geneva auto show. For the first time, Glickenhaus is building a bespoke supercar from scratch. The chassis in full carbon fiber has been designed in-house by Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus who also prepare his race cars. The first official video of the SCG 003 chassis has been released on their Youtube also mentioning the release date of the car which is scheduled for the 2015 Geneva motor show.

Glickenhaus SCG 003 chassis intro:

Source: Glickenhaus, Road&Track via Youtube

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