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Caravaggio Unica kit Chevrolet Corvette-Z06-6


Give your Chevy Corvette a $135,000 upgrade with a Caravaggio Unica kit

Caravaggio, renowned for its top-tier interiors in the automotive world, introduced the Unica Series 1 kit for the Corvette Z06 and Stingray last year. Now, they’ve revealed the first two completed models, marked as #1 and #2 out of a limited production run of 30. These Unica Series 1 Corvettes represent Caravaggio’s sophisticated interpretation of GM’s mid-engined sports car, blending elegance with the Corvette’s raw power.

Caravaggio Unica kit Chevrolet Corvette-Z06-4

The Unica 1 kit refines the C8 Corvette’s design, softening its angles and emphasizing sweeping lines, giving the car a more exotic and elegant appearance. Caravaggio’s transformation enhances the Corvette’s silhouette, making it visually stunning. The first model, painted silver with bold black, white, and red racing stripes, showcases an interior adorned in striking black and red combinations. Bright red leather dominates the driver’s area, complemented by a red leather/carbon fiber steering wheel. The passenger side features popular black Alcantara, creating a captivating contrast. Carbon fiber accents, including “1/25” plaques on the doorsills, add a touch of sophistication.

Caravaggio Unica kit Chevrolet Corvette-Z06-5

The second model boasts a vibrant red exterior with silver and black racing stripes, evoking a Ferrari-esque aura reminiscent of models like the 488 GTB and F8 Tributo. While interior pictures aren’t available, it promises to match the exterior’s elegance.

Caravaggio Unica kit Chevrolet Corvette-Z06-2

Notably, Caravaggio plans to create five special bare carbon models out of the 30, a challenging task due to the complexity of working with bare carbon. The standard Unica Series 1 kits are priced at $135,000, excluding the donor car, reflecting a slight increase from the initial $110,000 quote. Despite the price hike, Caravaggio continues to accept orders for these exclusive, limited-edition kits, offering enthusiasts a chance to transform their Corvettes into automotive masterpieces.

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