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How to Get the Best Second-Hand BMW Deal

BMW cars have long been associated with quality and professionalism, so it’s unsurprising that they’re some of the most sought-after vehicles both new and used. With a broad range of BMW vehicles available, from two-seater convertibles to SUVs, the used car market is full of many options for those seeking an affordable executive, luxury motor. In order to get the best deal on a second-hand BMW, there are a few pieces of advice you should follow when purchasing your second-hand BMW.

Pick the Right Model For You

No matter what your budget, it’s possible to find a quality used BMW for anywhere from about £2,000 upwards. Depending on your preferences, these are some of the most suitable models that can be found second-hand suitable for different requirements and needs.

  • Compact: BMW 1 Series is a hatchback available with three or five doors and petrol or diesel engines.
  • Go green: The i3 is a small electric car that features all the best traits of the BMW brand, ideal for short city trips and quickly getting to and from.
  • Convertible: Z4 is small and low with just two seats, yet it looks classy and can be found at a price that matches its size.
  • Family: Any of the manufacturer’s saloons would suit most families, but the 3 Series is a premium option that doubles up well as a commuter car too.
  • Exploring: Well-equipped and engaging to drive, the X5 is an exciting SUV.

Use an Approved and Trusted Dealer

When you’ve decided on the best model for your needs, it’s time to find a seller. A quick search online will bring up plenty of private sellers who may offer a bargain price and plenty of deals The safest choice is to use an approved used BMW dealership. Usually these provide a much wider choice of vehicles, along with a greater guarantee should there be any issues with the car. It also makes comparing deals on second-hand BMW cars a lot easier, as it can often be done in the same place at a quicker rate of time.

Spot Negotiation Points

As with purchasing any used car, you need to give the model you’re looking at a good inspection and pick out any potential issues. If these are only small, then they can probably be used to lower the price. Good bargaining points to look out for with a used car include:

  • Any dents, chips or scratches
  • Worn down tyres
  • Incomplete service history or MOT
  • Expensive repairs due (highlighted in MOT or service history)
  • Poor quality interior
  • Faults with the lights, radio or other electrics

If there are any such issues, weigh up if the BMW car is worth the risk, as you may be able to make the repairs yourself still.

Time The Purchase Right

Don’t buy a BMW straightaway. Timing can be key for the best deal, as new and used dealerships will have targets to meet, so waiting until the end of a quarter (in March, June, September or December) should be the most favourable time. Private sellers don’t have these worries, so will list their cars at the same price no matter what. So if you can wait a few weeks or months it will be worth it to secure the best deal for a second-hand car from an approved dealership.

The points highlighted in this guide should ensure you’ll be behind the wheel of the best second-hand BMW for you as soon as possible. You should be able to find a suitable second hand BMW for any needs or purpose.

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