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2014 Ferrari F12 TRS


Ferrari Supercars to get Hybrid Power From 2019

All mainstream Ferrari supercars will get hybrid power come 2019. This was revealed by the company CEO Sergio Marchionne while speaking with investors.

According to Marchionne, Ferrari will undergo a “fundamental shift” in the way it builds cars in the years to come. Recently, Ferrari reintroduced turbocharged engines to its line up and hybridization would be the next logical step to take. This means, hybrid tech developed for the LaFerrari would soon trickle right down to the entry-level Ferrari.

Furthermore, Ferrari is also aiming at ramping up production. The company is expected to sell upwards of 10,000 units by 2025. Marchionne also hinted at new models being added to the current line up of sports cars, supercars and grand tourers. Moreover, despite the increased production, the brand’s exclusivity will be maintained as production limits would set.

Introduction of hybrid tech on low-end Ferrari supercars would greatly improve their efficiency and reduce emissions. Also, the upcoming Ferrari F12M might well be the last non-hybrid, naturally aspirated V12 Ferrari.

Source: Autocar

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