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Ferrari Roma falls in a Florida dealer’s elevator shaft

Due to lack of space, many dealerships have multiple stories. The dealerships display such cars at higher floors to evoke a sense of grandeur. However, it is always nerve-wracking for the staff when a car is transported to/from higher levels in an elevator. Now, news of a Ferrari Roma falling down an elevator shaft has surfaced.

A few days back, Fire and Rescue Services at Palm Beach Country responded to a call wherein a car had fallen down an elevator shaft. The elevator cab itself was at another level. The good news is that this incident injured nobody. But, the Ferrari Roma is most definitely a write-off.


The rear of the car took the most brunt of the impact. The Roma’s roof as well as the hood were were damaged. This could have happened when the car scraped against the shaft walls when falling. The official word out there says that elevator malfunction led to this incident. After the Roma fell, there was a fuel leak. This ensured that the dealership staff cut of the power to the dealership as a precaution.

It took over four hours to recover the Ferrari. Authorities had to take the help of a 45-foot boom and multiple 50,000 lb. winches to extract the supercar. We must add that it always hurts to see such beauties in such a state.

Source : Palm Beach County Fire and Rescue

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