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LaFerrari crash Beverly Hill California USA


Ferrari LaFerrari Gets Wrecked in Beverly Hills

A LaFerrari was involved in a major crash that happened yesterday somewhere in Beverly Hills, California. We have no info on how the accident occured but the hypercar seems to have hit a tree on the side of the road head-on. According to people who were present at the scene the red LaFerrari was racing but we don’t know which other cars were involved.

The video shows the wrecked LaFerrari at the accident spot waiting to be carried on the flat-bed truck. Condition of the driver and the passenger is unknown at the moment. The airbags seem to have deployed however.

The LaFerrari has suffered significant damage at the front with a number of components even coming off the car. The front bumper has been wrecked completely and there seems to be a considerable structural damage to the front axle as well. The car isn’t at all totaled however. Just the repair is going to cost the owner a huge sum of money, of course.

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