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Ferrari F12 TDF front angle


Ferrari F12 TDF Limited Edition Supercar Revealed

Ferrari F12 TDF front angle

Since the first spy shots of this very special Ferrari came out, the media space was abuzz with speculations of a new GTO model. All those rumors have been now laid to rest since Ferrari has now official revealed the new F12 TDF limited edition supercar.

Only 799 examples of this hardcore F12 model will be produced each costing a premium above the stock F12 Berlinetta. To begin with, the new Ferrari F12 TDF gets a redesigned exterior- tweaked for improved aerodynamics, as is the case with all hardcore Ferraris.

Ferrari F12 TDF rear angle

The engine is from the standard F12 but with more oomph. The 6.3-liter V12 naturally aspirated makes just under 770 hp. A 110 kg worth of weight savings means the F12 TDF is quicker to 60 mph than the standard model. 0-60 mph is over in 2.9 sec while the top speed is pegged at around 211 mph.

Ferrari has also introduced rear-wheel steering on the F12 TDF which should further reduce understeer. That said, the V12 block is mounted behind the front axle for better weight distribution. Clearly, it’s a call to Ferrari collectors from around the world to get their checkbooks ready.

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