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Ferrari delivered 13,221 units in 2022 – a new record

Ferrari has sold the highest ever units in a single calendar year in 2022. This is the carmaker’s best ever year in terms of net profits, revenues as well as cash generation. Total Ferrari deliveries stood at 13,221 units for 2022.

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Ferrari buyers spent quite a sum of money for personalised features. These include options like interior fabrics to unique coloured brake callipers. In terms of popularity of models, the new Portofino M led the sales numbers. The Portofino sits at the entry level of the Ferrari stable. Further, demand for the hybrid supercar SF90 was high as well.

Post pandemic, the numbers have only gone up and now Ferrari estimates an ever higher sales number and profit for 2023. Both the Americas and the China region witnessed high demand for the Italian brand.

Worldwide sales numbers of Ferrari

In terms of absolute numbers, the China sales stood at 1,552 units, which were 73 percent higher than the previous year. In the Americas, the growth was 22 percent with a total sales of 3,447 cars. Meanwhile, Europe continued to be the main market for Ferrari with 5,958 vehicles sold at a growth of 8 per cent.

Ferrari’s first-ever SUV model – The Purosangue

2023 is also an important year for Prancing Horse. Reason being the Purosangue SUV. Ferrari is a little bit late to the SUV party. However, other brands have had good success with the SUV segment in recent times. Infact, Ferrari has already paused new booking for the SUV as the existing backlog has already extended beyond 2024.

In other news…

Meanwhile, in other news, Ferrari has been working on a gas thruster system in their cars. The gas thrusters will not only improve the pace but also the airflow across the aero bits of the car, making it stick to the road when cornering. This is just one of the innovative approaches taken by Ferrari in its race to road-car philosophy. Ferrari expects these thrusters to improve the car’s speed, acceleration, etc. These thrusters will also push the air between the car’s floor and the road surface. This will eventually lead to an even more downforce.

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