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Ferrari dealer ignored a walk-in millionaire customer; here’s why

When Michael Jackson’s ex-bodyguard enters your showroom, you should at least have the courtesy to attend to him. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what the employees at a Ferrari dealership in Swindon, UK, failed to do.

On February 18, 2023, Matt Fiddes walked into the Ferrari dealership, along with his wife. He claims that instead of attending to him, the staff chose to ignore him for almost 20 minutes. Eventually, both of them got fed up and decided to leave the showroom.

Matt goes on to claim that the reason why he was ignored could be down to his attire. He was wearing a red tracksuit, and the staff probably thought he was just window shopping and couldn’t afford any of the cars.

Little did they know that the walk-in customer was a multi-millionaire and had come to the dealership with the intention of purchasing not one but two supercars worth £400,000-500,000.

Adrian Burke, experience manager at the dealership said, “I can confirm that Mr Fiddes visited our dealership on Saturday. Upon arrival, Mr Fiddes was initially greeted by our Showroom Host, and following a brief delay due to high levels of showroom traffic, one of our Sales Team spoke to him about a selection of our Ferrari Approved range of cars.

“Dick Lovett (the dealership) prides itself on maintaining a consistently high level of customer service for anyone who visits our showroom, regardless of their appearance or clothing,” he added.

Source: Wiltshire999s

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