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Ferrari crash caught of tape-1


Ferrari Crash Caught on Tape #1

Ferrari crash caught of tape-1

There are numerous videos on the internet documenting supercar crashes and fails. So, we thought we would dig up the best of crash videos and share it with you guys. We will be doing a series of posts in the coming weeks so make sure to tune in every day for a fresh new video.

To get things started, here is a video of a Ferrari 458 Speciale reversing into a parked 458 Spider. A Speciale is parked along the side of the road along with other Ferraris. A woman inadvertently reverses into the car behind. What looks like a slight bump at first, in fact causes quite a bit of damage to the paint. It might be an easy fix but an expensive one indeed.

Ferrari crash caught on tape #1:

Source: Supercars of Austria

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