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Ferrari commits to NA V12 engines amidst stricter emission norms

The Ferrari 12Cilindri, Maranello’s latest V12 flagship, made its debut earlier this month. As the name suggests, Ferrari’s front-mid-engined GT retains its V12 engine at a time when most automakers are downsizing due to stricter emission regulations.

Ferrari has a plan to keep its V12 alive. In fact, a major chunk of the development costs went into making the V12 engine compliant with the upcoming Euro6e emission norms. This also meant that it didn’t need to be turbocharged.

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Enrico Galliera, Chief Commercial Officer of Ferrari, said, “The work that has been done on this engine to remain performant and compliant with the regulation is absolutely stunning, which is probably one of the reasons why there are not many manufacturers that keep investing in the V12 engine.”

When asked whether Ferrari would switch to a turbocharged V12 in the future, Galliera replied, “I’ll try to be polite: V12 turbocharging is not in my mind.”

“The V12 is a naturally aspirated engine for many reasons. We use turbochargers when we reduce the displacement of the engine. Of course, we need the same power. “The V12 is natural. It is something that creates emotion, sound and acceleration from a low RPM to maximum RPM. That’s the product we wanted to deliver,” he added.

Source: Autocar

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