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Ferrari Sticky buttons cost owner US$10,000


Ferrari charges owner US$10,000 to replace sticky buttons

It is well known that owning a supercar is tough. Not only is driving one in city streets a challenge but it costs a good amount of money not just to buy one but also for its upkeep. Now one Ferrari owner has posted that it cost him US$ 10,000 to just replace a few sticky buttons on his car.

More details on the US$10,000 repair job

The owner posted this on one of the Corvette forums. Jerry Mos didn’t disclose the exact model he owned, but shared a picture of the bill.

As per Mos, he spent US$15,000 on changing the ceramic wheel bearings and US$4,000 for fixing LED marker lights that fall off. Apart from this, the regular maintenance costs rough;y US$1,500 for each visit.

Then comes the matter of sticky buttons. Restoring the buttons cost the Ferrari owner a whooping US$10,000. The bill shows US$7,542 for refinishing of all interior pieces, US$80.70 for shipping of the said interior parts and US$1,800 for labor. Notably, the labor cost includes other work like engine carbon cleaning, installation of dead pedal and few others.

Googling on the internet reveals that the sticky button issue is pretty well known with Ferraris.

Ferrari on sale due to high uncertainty on maintenance costs

Mos also revealed that he’s since listed the car on sale. This is due to the fact that he has no idea when something would go wrong. He has already spent quite a lot of money and doesn’t want to burn through his cash just to keep the car running.

Now, he’s replaced the Ferrari with a 70th Anniversary edition of C8 Corvette Stingray Convertible. He has also got the 3LT package with the car. Infact, this Corvette was the one that prompted him to sell off his Ferrari.

Source – Facebook

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