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Ex-Mayor Ferrari Moscow Shopping Mall-Drift


Ferrari Breaks into Moscow Mall, Drifts and Performs Donuts

A Ferrari driver broke in to a Moscow mall late last night. The driver who was later identified as the ex-mayor of the city drove into the shopping center and performed stunts in his new Italian supercar.

The driver- Arkhangelsk Alkesandr Donskoy entered the build using a loading ramp moments before the mall was about to shut down. CCTV footage reveals the Ferrari being driven erratically through the hallway. Occasionally, the driver performed donuts which left tire marks on the floor.

According to RT, it took 15 minutes for the mall authorities to bring this hooliganism to an end. Luckily there were no shoppers around but security guards can be seen attempting to stop the car. Thankfully, no one was injured.

Donskoy later commented about the incident saying it wasn’t an act of hooliganism, but rather a kind of art performance.

Ferrari breaks into Moscow Mall, drifts and performs donuts:

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