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Montblanc Ferrari Stilema SP3


Ferrari and Montblanc unveil the Daytona-inspired Stilema SP3

Montblanc and Ferrari have come together for the Stilema SP3. This titanium pen takes inspiration from the automotive prowess of Ferrari and pays homage to the Ferrari Daytona SP3. All things considered, the Ferrari Stilema SP3 Limited Edition pen will retail at US$ 27,500 and is limited to just 599 pieces worldwide. 

Montblanc has made this pen from a light-weight single-piece titanium. The shaped titanium represents the fluidity of the hypercar. A specially designed ink filler hides behind the semi transparent red blade. This blade cuts through the barrel and pulling it will reveal the mechanism. Montblanc has crafted it in white gold while the pen gets an AU750 white gold nib.

Ferrari’s Chief Designer Flavio Manzoni, the person behind the design of the Daytona is the same who designed this pen. The proportions, surfaces, volumes along with the aerodynamics of the pen match the Ferrari’s sports cars. 

The white cap of the pen resembles the Daytona SP3’s nose cutting the air while the barrel accents are based on the blades on the car’s bumpers. Montblac has also added subtle detailing. This includes the nib that has a special SP3 engraving along with the cap which comes with a Prancing Horse. 

Montblac has set the price of the  Stilema SP3 at US$ 27,500 and above all will offer it via a special arrangement.

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