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Ferrari 812 Superfast stolen in London-1


Ferrari 812 Superfast gets stolen in London; caught on camera

London is notorious for vehicle thefts. According to recent data, the city reported the highest number of vehicle thefts in 2022. It has a high concentration of expensive supercars and exotics that are also on the gangs’ radars.

One such incident was captured on CCTV recently. The footage shows a gang of thieves on mopeds pulling up to a parked Ferrari 812 Superfast. The alarm goes off just as they break into the car. Reports suggest that they managed to bypass two tracking systems before firing up the V12 engine and driving off.

In response to a Freedom of Information request made to the DVLA, it was revealed that 26,117 vehicles were stolen in the London metropolitan region in 2022. The data shows that a vehicle is stolen somewhere in the UK every 5 minutes. 98,730 vehicle thefts were reported across the country last year

Source: @TomBlackmore90

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