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Ferrari 599 GTB goes up in flames in the Netherlands

A Ferrari 599 GTB caught fire in Huizen, Netherlands, this morning. The blaze was so intense that it completely destroyed the Ferrari within minutes.

According to media reports, the driver stopped and hopped out of the car after noticing smoke coming from the bonnet. That proved to be a good decision as the car soon caught fire.

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Looking at the aftermath, it seems the fire started in the engine bay and spread to the cabin. By the time the fire crew could douse the flames, it had destroyed the 599 GTB beyond repair.

This Ferrari 599 GTB was delivered in 2009 and has since swapped hands seven times. Now, eagle-eyed enthusiasts would’ve noticed the 599 GTO rims. Well, as per reports, the owner had installed the wheels and front grille from the GTO on his standard GTB.


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