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Ferrari 488 GTB Review by Harry Metcalfe


Ferrari 488 GTB Review by Veteran EVO Editor

Ferrari 488 GTB Review by Harry Metcalfe

Veteran EVO Editor Harry Metcalfe was in Maranello to sample a new car and this is his Ferrari 488 GTB review. We have read stories and watched numerous videos featuring the new turbocharged Ferrari since the replacement for the 458 Italia was launched in February 2015. This one however is important.

Harry Metcalfe is well known figure among the European motoring press. Over the years, he has owned and driven lots of expensive and rare exotics. A Ferrari connoisseur himself, he couldn’t miss an opportunity to drive the new Ferrari 488 GTB.

In the following video, he talks us through the 488 GTBs styling and cabin ergonomics. He also talks about the 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 that has replaced the old naturally aspirated engine that made the 458 Italia one of the greatest automobile ever. The new turbocharged unit makes 660 hp- which is the same kind of performance the V12 engine in the Enzo produced back in the year 2002.

Supercars have clearly come a long way, especially with advancement in forced induction technologies. The 488 GTB is Ferrari’s answer to the McLaren 650S- both with a unique character.

What’s your favorite supercar- the 488 GTB , 650S or the V10 Lamborghini Huracan? Let us know in the comments section below.

Ferrari 488 GTB Review by Veteran EVO Editor video:

Source: Harry’s Garage via Youtube

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