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Fastest Nissan GT-R In The World: Video

EKanoo Racing's Fastest Nissan GT-R in the world

The Nissan GT-R is a properly quick car but have you ever wondered which is the fastest Nissan GT-R in the world? Well, if you have heard of EKanoo Racing then you might be aware that these guys are into drag racing and have previously built the fastest Toyota Supra in the world. Now, in a bid to shake up the quarter mile records set by Nissan GT-R, EKanoo Racing has built a bespoke twin-turbo GT-R.

This is serious business for EKanoo Racing and with so much effort and knowledge going into their build, their contender was bound to take the top spot. The technical details of their Nissan GT-R are not clear, however a heavily modified twin-turbo setup coupled with all-wheel drive has around 2000 hp under the hoods which catapults the Nissan GT-R to the quarter mile in just 7.44 sec at 200.39 mph. This was enough to set the new world record for the fastest Nissan GT-R. The previous record was held by AMS Alpha Omega which did it in 7.48 sec.

The ball is now in the oppositions court. We are sure there’s someone who is working on an even faster GT-R and will soon take the challenge to break EKanoo Racing’s record. Until then, enjoy the video attached below.

Fastest Nissan GT-R In the World video:

Source: EKanooRacingTV via Youtube

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