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Supercars on Fire prank


‘Dude, Your Car’ App for iPhone is the perfect prankster tool

Supercars on Fire prank

Supercars on Fire prank

There’s no better way to scare a dude than faking a car fire. So, if you enjoy scaring the shat out of people, you should definitely checkout this new app for iPhone.

It is called ‘Dude, Your Car’ which is basically a photo editing software that has in built templates for fire, smoke, etc. All you have to do is take picture of the car or bike and apply the template. The iPhone app costs just $0.99 and that’s worth it for how much fun you can have scaring people half to death.

The following video should explain it better.

Supercar on fire prank video:

Source: Dennis Roady Deeds via Youtube

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