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McLaren P1 Spider-Lanzante-first review


Driving the only McLaren P1 Spider in the world created by Lanzante

Last year, Lanzante unveiled the McLaren P1 Spider at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Although the company plans to build 5 examples of P1 Spider, currently, this is the only one in existence. So, when Henry Catchpole got invited to drive it, he couldn’t say no.

The P1 Spider was created after a customer reached out to Lanzante with an initial concept. The company then roped in the original designer of the P1 to create a car that looks as if it had recently rolled off McLaren’s assembly line.

As Dean Lanzante explains, it was not as simple as chopping the roof off of a standard McLaren P1. Getting the engineering right turned out more complicated than expected. It has fewer door hinges, integrated roll hoops and a sturdier windscreen surround. Moreover, the upper portion of the carbon tub had to be modified, while the fuel filler and charging port had to be repositioned, as well.

Lanzante has also designed a roof for the P1 Spider. It will be a temporary solution for when the weather gets rough and can be stored in the front compartment.


McLaren P1 Spider driving experience:

Chopping the roof off the P1 has certainly affected the way it drives. As Henry reports, it feels different but kind of the same. The cabin does feel more airy without the roof, and the twin-turbo V8 rumble is more noticeable than before. That being said, the P1 still drives and feels just as quick, 10 years on.

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