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Driven to Death – How to Know When It’s Time to Change Your Car

A car is one of the most important and expensive purchases you can make. It’s a mode of transport, a mobile office, it can even be your accommodation. We tie up so much emotion and experience in the nostalgia of our old cars that it becomes hard to judge when they’re beyond repair and it’s time to change your car.

How do you know when your old car has had enough? Let’s examine some telltale signs below, and look at some of the benefits of upgrading your auto.

You’re Still Driving A Car From 1991

You’ve got so many fond memories attached to your old car. You remember a joyride, a roadtrip with friends, a particularly great holiday. You remember the first time you heard Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ on its buzzy FM radio.

It’s a hard truth to hear, but it’s time to let go.

If your car is almost older than the year in your drivers’ licence (and you’re not a member of a classic car club!), it’s well past time you traded up. There are gentle, classy ways to prepare yourself for ownership of a new car – a quick scroll through Cars and Co will see you revving your engine for a new memory making machine built in this century.

You’re Spending A Small Fortune On Petrol

When your car causes your petrol costs to skyrocket, or when you’re forced to used an unmarked, far-corner-of-the-petrol-station browser, you know that the time has come to say goodbye. Newer cars have the inbuilt bonus of greater fuel economy and efficiency – which is better for your hip pocket and for the environment. It’s no coincidence that older cars were often labelled ‘gas guzzlers’ – the idea of ‘fuel efficiency’ was barely acknowledged and certainly never implemented in most old clunkers.

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It Costs Too Much To Fix It

If you’re spending more on car repairs than the value of the car, then it’s time to consider a new car. Pumping money into the ongoing repair and maintenance of an old car is only worthwhile if the car has a decent resale value. Once your car is more of a liability than an asset, it’s best for all involved if you save the constant outlay for a new purchase. Do your research against you own personal requirements (car size, reliability, frequency of use) and make an informed purchase based on these requirements.

It’s Causing Embarrassment For Your Family

You know the look. You’re dropping the kids off at school and you’re waiting until they disappear beyond the horizon, into the safety of school. Then it happens. Your own child refuses to acknowledge your presence or your furious waves of goodbye. It’s the car. Your car is causing embarrassment for your family.

In all seriousness, having a suitable car is a family concern. Newer cars are often jam-packed with safety features (multiple airbags, rear cameras, ABS brakes) designed to offer greater protection to you and to your family. They’re also more easily maintained and have the correct parts available, should they require repair.

The decision to purchase a new car is often stressful and filled with many questions – which is one of the reasons people choose to put it off for so long. Driving an old, unsafe car is a risky move, with the potential to cause you injury, as well as costing you more money in the long run. If you’re holding onto an old car for emotional reasons, it may be time to take one last drive into the sunset – a new car is a long-term romance which awaits you.

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