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Team Driftworks


Driftworks DW86 is a NASCAR V8 powered Toyota Corolla drift car

Team Driftworks

Team Driftworks

It all began when a group of friends got together to explore their love of drifting. They were among the first to popularize the sport of drifting Europe and the UK. Their journey has taken them to numerous international drifting events where they’ve won multiple accolades and have made a name for themselves in this competitive sport. Driftworks LTD today offers genuine parts for drift cars. The company was among the first importers of Japanese performance parts in the UK. Today, they have 10 full time employees and business is booming.

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Their recent project is called the Driftworks DW86 (since it is based on the Toyota Corolla AE86). Except for the body shell, the AE86 has got nothing in common with the road-going version. Under the hood is a V8 engine from NASCAR, 18-inch rear and 17-inch front wheels, brake and suspension upgrades, NASCAR-spec roll cage, bucket seats, hydraulic hand brake and a perfect 50:50 weight distribution which is crucial for a drift car with such immense performance.

Meet the man who built Driftworks DW86 with a NASCAR V8:

Source: XCARFilms via Youtube / Image source: Driftworks

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