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BMW M235i

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Drift lessons with Chris Harris

BMW M235i

BMW M235i

Perhaps the most important of all driving skills, drifting is perceived as anti-social by many. Drifting as a sport has made global headlines thanks to our Japanese friends and their monstrous, turbocharged JDM machines. That said, although you would rarely have to put your drifting skills to use on public roads with speed limits, it is an essential lesson in car control. Basically, your ability to control oversteer can the difference between survival and you wrapping the car around a tree.

Honing your drifting skills will require you to find a closed piece of road as rightly pointed out by Chris in the opening part of his video. If your really want to learn this rather enjoyable activity, I think this is the best video lesson on the three main steps of successfully drifting a rear-wheel drive car- in this case a BMW M235i.

/Chris Harris on Cars: How to Drift:

Source: /Drive via Youtube | Image via TheMotorReport

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