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V8 Supercar drifting


Drift baby drift: V8 Supercars from down under

V8 Supercar drifting

V8 Supercar drifting

I don’t know how you guys feel, but I have lost interest in Formula 1 racing these days. Over the past years, we’ve seen one team dominate the sport and before the mid-season break it becomes amply clear as to which team or driver will take home the championship. F1 has become a bit too serious and has lost the entertainment factor.

Now, few years back, I was introduced to V8 Supercar Racing from Australia and the sport has since then kept me glued for all the excitement it provides be it a dry or wet race. Here’s one reason why I think Bernie Ecclestone and the F1 rule makers should take a leaf out of V8 Supercars.

V8 Supercars drifting and sliding on a damp race track:

Source: V8 Supercars via Youtube

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