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Enzo- David Lee's Ferrari Collection


Video: David Lee’s Ferrari Collection

Enzo- David Lee's Ferrari Collection

David Lee is a pretty well known figure in Los Angeles area. This multi-billionaire loves Ferraris and has perhaps the best known collection of prancing horses in the world. Why am I saying that? Well, he has all the best Ferrari supercars from the early 1980s to the latest that’s come out of Maranello recently.

David Lee’s collection spans five generations of the most expensive and exclusive Ferraris made up of Ferrari 288 GTO, F40, F50, Ferrari Enzo and the LaFerrari. Each one of them is painted in legendary Ross Corsa. That’s not it, David Lee recently bought a Pagani Huayra which was earlier owned by @Salomondrin.

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David Lee’s Ferrari collection video:

David Lee’s Ferrari Collection:

Source: Facebook & Exotic Affinity

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