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Customized car museum on sale in Malibu – a heavenly abode!

If you are a keen automobile enthusiast, your first prioritized wet dream will be of a place dedicated to your dream machines, which in layman terms is called a car museum. A place where the cars you aim to own need to be pampered is something you wish to have, but somewhere, you think the initiative to be taken is a bit tiring.

However, a former tech executive from the United States, Steve Goldman, can make your dream come true. The gentleman has put up his sprawling 7,000 square foot museum situated at California enclave in Malibu on sale. Over all these years, Goldman has taken care of all of his exotic machines on four wheels he owns at this place, which he claims to be a perfect car museum.

Talking about the museum in general, it is made out of glass and metal and comes equipped with all the essentials like air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems, which makes this museum excellently climate-controlled. Apart from the usual systems, it also has a micron dust filter and an ultraviolet system, which helps in making the environment within the museum cool and bacteria-free. The place, which can easily accommodate up to 25 cars, also comes with a dedicated living room to make sure that you feel at home with these cars.

Such a well-engineered place dedicated to cars deserves to be possessed with equally well engineered cars, and Goldman does house his collection of almost 14 high-end supercars here, some of which to be named are LaFerrari, McLaren P1, McLaren MP-4 12C and Pagani Zonda. His collection also includes a super-fast Ferrari 360 and a customized Porsche 911 GT2.

But then, there’s a catch. Everything in this universe comes at a price, so does this museum belonging to Goldman. The property is currently listed for $10,000,000. And that’s the price of just the place – no, Goldman isn’t going to give you this place with all of his exotic cars as a free inclusive package. However, Goldman hasn’t ruled out the entire possibility and ensures that he might part with some of his cars at their replacement cost to make the deal sweeter.

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Source: Robb Report

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