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Crowdfunded-Dodge Viper-Nurburgring-lap-record-crash


Crowdfunded Dodge Viper Crashes chasing Nurburgring lap record

When Dodge announced that the Viper would go out of production in 2017, fans of the iconic sports car decided to give it a proper send off. Viper enthusiasts came together and crowdfunded a Nurburgring lap record attempt since Dodge couldn’t be bothered. Sadly, one of the Vipers has crashed during a record attempt.

In July, Dominik Farnbacher set a blistering lap of 7 min 03.45 sec. While it is not the ultimate lap record, that’s the fastest time ever set by a rear-wheel drive car with a manual gearbox. Apparently, before crashing out, the Viper ACR clocked a 7 min 01.3 sec lap, although this yet to be confirmed. The damage to the car looks more cosmetic, at least from this image. We’re not sure whether Farnbacher will be heading out again.

We hope they can repair the car and get it back on track as soon as possible.

Dodge Viper Nurburgring lap record video:

Image source: Nurburgring Bridge to Gantry

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