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Counterfeit Ferrari kit car factory busted in Spain


Counterfeit Ferrari Kit Car Factory Busted in Spain

Ferrari kit cars are fairly common. These are inexpensive and often badly built hunks of fiber glass which start out life as an old Mitsubishi, Toyota or something cheap. But, selling replicas of more recent models can be an offence as under trademark laws copying the designs is illegal.

Spanish police recently busted one such business involved in the manufacturing and selling of counterfeit Ferrari kits cars. The police also found fiber glass replica of a Lamborghini built around a Toyota. The video shows quite a few almost accurate representations of a Ferrari 360, F430 and 458 Italia.

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The police confiscated four completely built Ferrari kits cars along with 14 others that were under construction. The police were alerted when the group behind this company put a vehicle up for sale online for a price of €41,000 or about $43,500.

Counterfeit Ferrari kit car factory busted in Spain

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