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Bugatti EB110


Confirmed! Bugatti to bring EB 110 SS-inspired Hypercar to Pebble Beach

A few days ago, we had reported that Bugatti could reveal an EB 110 SS-inspired hypercar at Pebble Beach. Thanks to our sources, we can now confirm these reports. Bugatti’s next big launch is directly inspired by the EB 110 SS.

We still don’t know the name of the new car. However, we are told that the new model pays tribute to Romano Artioli – the Italian entrepreneur who once owned the brand and created the first Bugatti of the modern era.

Sources say that the model is “different” from any previous Bugatti. Well, that doesn’t explain much, but we hope to uncover more details ahead of the unveiling on August 16, 2019.

What we can confirm so far is that Bugatti is building just 10 units of this EB 110 SS-inspired hypercar. And despite its €8 million price tag, we are sure that these will be lapped up pretty quickly.

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