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Ken Block-Climbkhana 2-Hoonitruck-China


Climbkhana 2: Ken Block takes on Tianmen Mountain in 914 HP Hoonitruck

Having explored Pikes Peak in his Hoonicorn, Ken Block takes on the Tianmen mountain road in China in Climbkhana 2.

This time, Block’s car of choice is the Ford F-150 Hoonitruck. It has no less than 914 hp. But, unlike the Range Rover Sport SVR and Volkswagen ID.R, the Hoonitruck was not there to set the fastest time. Instead, Block was there to have fun and make a lot of tire smoke in the process.

There are quite a few scripted stunts in the almost 9 minute long video. In one of the scenes, Block can be seen doing donuts around a hoverboard rider wearing a panda costume.

Climbkhana is a spin-off series of the popular Gymkhana franchise. Basically, it’s one man in a heavily modified vehicle sliding around on a closed bit of road or a compound. However, it takes more than just skill to pull off such hair-raising stunts on a mountain road where one mistake could launch you off a cliff and straight into the abyss.

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