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Chris Harris on Cars: BMW M3



BMW is all set to launch the new F80 generation M3 and M4 in India and as a build up to the launch tomorrow, here is Chris Harris’ road test of the M3. Driving on dry roads in Portugal and then on the twisty, undulating Portimao circuit is probably the perfect way to explore the new M car. The four-door saloon with a turbocharged heart is quite brilliant on the road, but how is it to drive on the race track? Is it still the sedan that would shame a sports car around circuit?

Click here to watch a BMW M4 set a new Guinness World Record.

Chris Harris thinks it is still one of the greatest cars on the planet. BMW has a long legacy of making great M cars and the new M3 would go down in history as one of the best. The twin-turbocharged engine has great low-end grunt and a chassis to handle all of the 450 odd horsepower. The optional carbon ceramic brakes offer the best bite when needed and the tires offer exactly the right amount of grip to have fun. Like all modern M cars, the new M3 has got various setting for steering feel, gearbox, throttle response, etc. That said, the M3 remains true to its roots. Still, the best handling and seriously exciting little sedan.

Chris Harris on Cars: BMW M3

Source: Chris Harris on Cars via Youtube

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