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Mercedes G500 4x4 Squared-Chris Harris


Chris Harris Approves of the Ridiculous Mercedes G500 4X4 Squared

The Mercedes G500 4×4 squared looks ridiculous but how does it drive? Well, Chris Harris took one out for a test drive to find out just that.

According to the Top Gear host, the G500 4×4 squared with its raised suspension, twin-coilovers at each end, portal axles and V8 powerhouse is surprisingly well behaved on tarmac. The ride in fact, is better than the standard G-Class.

Off the beaten track, the G500 4×4 squared is just unstoppable. Given the long list of off-roady bits on it, it’s expected to excel at the rough stuff- conquering mountains and wading through meter deep puddles. The 420 hp engine is sufficient for all kinds of surfaces and those massive tires provide all the traction you need.

Chris Harris Drives- Mercedes G500 4×4 squared:

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